Fire & Rescue

Ada Fire Department Rescue Vehicle.jpg

Dispatch/Scanner Information

The Ada Township Fire-Rescue Department is on the scanner at channels 154.0700 (dispatch) and 154.0400 (our repeater). To listen to live scanner feeds, please click here.

Please Note: Due to limited quantities and due to post September 11 security concerns, our department and its personnel will not sell, trade, nor give away patches, hats, shirts and/or any other memorabilia. We appreciate your understanding in the manner.

Type of CallNumber of CallsPercentage of Volume
Building Fires194%
Chimney Fires30.5%
Vehicle Fires51%
Grass Fires61%
Other Fires20.5%
Medical Emergencies27553%
Vehicle Accidents w/Injury5811%
Hazardous Conditions w/o Fire387%
Service Calls102%
Authorized Controlled Burns275%
False Alarms6412%
Lightning Strikes21%

Note: These numbers do not include alarms which were cancelled prior to units going into service. Percentages are rounded.

Department Mission

  • The Ada Township Fire-Rescue Department is "Dedicated to providing the citizens and visitors of Ada Township with superior Fire and Emergency Medical services."
  • The Ada Township Fire-Rescue Department serves Ada Township, a 37 square mile area in Southwestern Kent County, Michigan, with a population of nearly 11,000 people.
  • The department responds to fire calls, medical emergency calls, motor vehicle accidents, and more. In addition, they provide fire safety education and fire prevention measures to those they serve.
  • The Ada Township Fire-Rescue Department also provides community safety programs such as child car seat checks and can help homeowners obtain address identification signs which can help homes become more easily identified in the event of an emergency.