Clerk's Office

The position of Clerk in Ada Township is an elected position. The following are some of the duties and responsibilities of the Clerk’s Office:


The Clerk is responsible for administering all elections and maintaining an accurate registration file for all residents that are registered to vote. Ada Township has over 11,000 registered voters.

We work in conjunction with the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office and with Kent County to keep the records current with changes coming from the driver’s license file. Michigan maintains a statewide voter registration system. For more information regarding elections, click here.

Want to turn in your Absentee Voter Application for November 7, 2023? Email it to:

Need an Absentee Voter Application? Fill out the online form provided by the state of Michigan: Michigan Online Absent Voter Ballot Application (

Township Records

The Clerk is responsible for maintaining custody of all legal documents such as deeds, bids, contracts, judgments, bonds, insurance, personnel files, and the oath book.

Recording, publishing and maintaining minutes of the Township Board, publishing and posting notices of Board Meetings are duties carried out by the Clerk’s Office. In addition to these, the Clerk’s Office maintains Ordinance and Resolution records.


Read the latest edition of Ada Township's newsletter, The AdaView. It is published quarterly and is mailed to every household and business in the township.


The Ada Township Clerk is a voting member of the seven person Township Board. This includes policy making, general township business decisions and zoning related issues.

Charges & Fees

For a comprehensive guide to all Ada Township Charges and Fees, please contact the Clerk at the number listed to the right of this page.