Building Permit Checklist

For all building permits:

  1. Three complete sets of construction plans:
    1. all building elevations
    2. all floor plans including attic/bonus spaces
    3. foundation plans
    4. cross section
    5. plans sealed by a licensed Michigan professional if habitable space exceeds 3500 sf
  2. Site Plan (survey, 3 sets), drawn to an accurate scale (1”:10’, 1”:20’, 1”:30’, 1”:40’, 1”:50’, 1”:60’ or 1”:100’ preferred).
  3. If not served by public water/sewer, on-site waste disposal system permit and well permit, issued by Kent County Environmental Health Dept.
  4. For additions, accessory building construction, swimming pools, decks, or interior remodels (that add bedrooms) in areas not served by public water/sewer,, signoff from Kent County Health Dept.
  5. For a vacant site, correct address issued by the Kent County Road Commission
  6. Driveway Permit, if a new or improved driveway access to the public road is proposed.
  7. Parcel number issued by Kent County Property Mapping and Description.
  8. A Township Stormwater Permit is required for: 1) new land development projects; 2) a single or two-family detached dwelling (including attached garage/s) having a ground area/footprint of 3,000 sq. ft. or greater.

For Commercial and Industrial Permits (4 sets of construction drawings required):

  1. Fire Chief review

Zoning Compliance Review (for all new construction, except remodels):

  1. Dimensional standards: legal building lot; lot area and width; length-to-width ratio; front, side and rear setbacks; building height; special setbacks under PUD zoning approval.
  2. Natural vegetation zone and transition zone (riparian protection standards).
  3. Compliance with private road standards, incl. permit issued and completion guarantee posted, if required.
  4. Check for location in 100-year floodplain; Michigan DEQ and Township floodplain permits issued, if required.
  5. Compliance with Planning Commission/Twp. Board or Zoning Board conditions of approval.
  6. If located within 500 feet of a river, lake or stream, or if over 1 acre is to be disturbed, a Soil Erosion Control Permit, issued by Kent County Road Commission.

Utility Dept. Review (For all new construction, if located in Water and Sewer District):

For all permits:

  1. If new water and sewer mains, are they inspected/accepted?
  2. Water permit issued and fees paid?
  3. Special assessments paid?
  4. Sewer permit issued and fees paid?

For residential construction: For commercial and industrial construction:

  1. Square footage of lot.
  2. Bldg. floor area (sq. ft.), existing and proposed, broken down by use
  3. Meter size