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BECOME A PART OF THE DISCUSSION - Ada Township Recreation Needs Assessment

On July 3, the Townshp will launch "Community Remarks," an interactive online tool that enables citizens to submit recreational comments and ideas on a map of the Township and engage with others who submit comments.

Access the Community Remarks tool between July 3 and July 22 by clicking here.

Donor Support Requested for New Tennis and Pickleball Courts

The old tennis courts at Ada Township Park are being reconstructed into a set of 4 new tennis courts and a set of 6 pickleball courts. The project is in its final phases of construction and should be ready for use in August.

We are still looking for financial support to offset the cost of this project. If you are interested in helping out please contact the park office for details and/or use the form available through this link: Donor Information

Register now for Spring and Summer programs!

Over 280 youth participated in Ada Parks Youth Programs last summer! Get outside, have fun, and make new friends! Click here to see the Ada Township Summer Youth Program Registration Packet! 

The Ada Kids' Garden gives youth a chance to get their hands dirty while they learn to grow and manage a garden, sell produce, and contribute to a food pantry. Gardening starts April 17 - register now!  Click here to see the Ada Kids' Garden Registration Packet.

Registrations for spring softball are now being taken. See Ada Parks softball page for details.


Ada Township Parks

Ada Township contains over 1,000 acres of public land available for recreational pursuits. The community's outstanding natural features have resulted in a number of regional recreational facilities being located in the area, including a large Kent County park and extensive State Game Area lands. In addition, Ada Township has four community parks operated by the township government and several school facilities available to the public.

Millage Information

The Parks, Recreation and Land Preservation Program is supported in part with funds from the Ada Township Parks Millages and the Parks and Land Preservation Millage. In August 2016 Ada township residents voted "Yes" to renew and combine these two millages into one Parks, Recreation, and Land Preservation Program millage.

More information on Millage

FAQ's about Millage

Parks, Recreation, and Land Preservation Plan 2017

Ada Township has adopted a new 5-year plan to guide its parks, recreation and land preservation program. Thanks to everyone who provided valuable input regarding our community's parks, trails, and recreation facilities. Check here for a copy of the draft 2017 Ada Township Parks, Recreation, and Land Preservation Plan.

Parks & Recreation Department Mission

To provide all community members with diverse recreational opportunities including access to premier natural, historical and cultural areas that enhance our quality of life and inspire the preservation of nature.