Parks, Recreation, and Land Preservation

Ada's Department of Parks & Recreation offers:

Check here for Park Rules and Regulations

Opportunities for Donations, Memorial Gifts and Annual Giving

Donations help sustain our operations and enhance our ability for improvement project and recreation programs. Note that as a government entity, donations are tax deductible. Donations may be made now or pledged for a future date. Make checks payable to Ada Township and note purpose in the “memo”.

A “Donor Form” is available by clicking: Ada Township Parks Donor Form

Current opportunities include:

*General “End-of-the-Year” gifts targeted to a specific purpose or for general operations

*The Summer Day Camp Scholarship Fund which helps offset the costs for eligible youth to attend.

*For Legacy Park, amenities including Engraved Pavers, park benches, sound system for the Pavilion

*For Leonard Field Park, upgrades to the softball field lighting, scoreboard and fencing, a river access area, new river overlook decks and a playground.

*For Roselle Park, amenities include a new open-air Shelter, picnic tables, a playground structure and trees


New Master Plan for Leonard Field Park

Leonard field master plan the link to the plan:

Millage Information

The Parks, Recreation and Land Preservation Program is supported in part with funds from the Ada Township Parks Millages and the Parks and Land Preservation Millage. In August 2016 Ada township residents voted "Yes" to renew and combine these two millages into one Parks, Recreation, and Land Preservation Program millage.

More information on Millage

FAQ's about Millage

Parks, Recreation, and Land Preservation Plan 2017

Ada Township has adopted a new 5-year plan to guide its parks, recreation and land preservation program. Thanks to everyone who provided valuable input regarding our community's parks, trails, and recreation facilities. Check here for a copy of the 2017 Ada Township Parks, Recreation, and Land Preservation Plan.

Important Links:

Ada Township Parks Accessibility Assessment

Ada Township 2018 Recreation Needs Assessment – Final Report with Appendix.pdf