The Department is staffed 24 hours and is supported by 20 paid on-call Firefighters. All the Firefighters have completed the State of Michigan Fire Fighters Training Council Fire Fighter II course and at least Hazardous Material Operations training. Medically, four are licensed as Basic EMTs, one as a Paramedic, and the remainder as Medical First Responders. Eight firefighters have completed some level of Fire Officer's Training. We also have three probationary firefighters currently in the process of completing their training.

  • Chief David Murray
  • Deputy Chief David Langeland
  • Lieutenant (FT) Nick Dewey
  • Lieutenant (FT) Brandon Holmes
  • Lieutenant (FT) Austin Litchfield
  • Lieutenant Brian Anderson
  • Lieutenant John Ferin
  • Firefighter Derek Schroeder
  • Firefighter Colin Rodriguez
  • Firefighter Ben Thomet
  • Firefighter Mick Tiede
  • Firefighter Mike May
  • Firefighter Vince Guinsler
  • Firefighter Kyle Kalm
  • Firefighter Matt Donald
  • Firefighter Paul McDonagh
  • Firefighter Rory Velting