There are many choices available when considering burial options. By making arrangements now, you will provide comfort for your family and loved ones. A cemetery is not only a resting place for those who have passed on, it is a place of comfort for the living who mourn in remembrance of their loved ones.

Ada Township owns and maintains two cemeteries: Ada Cemetery and Findlay Cemetery. Both cemeteries have available a selection of lots and burial options. Lots may be purchased at either location, provided you are a current resident of Ada Township.

Ada Cemetery

Located west of the corner of Fulton Street SE (M-21) and Grand River Drive (Cemetery Locator Map), Ada Cemetery is the final resting place for Rix Robinson who founded Ada in 1821, and purchased a trading post from Madame Magdelaine LaFramboise (who headed North and later retired to Mackinac Island). Rix Robinson was the first Supervisor when Ada was established as a Township in 1838. A large marker marks the spot of Rix Robinson's grave. Many earlier pioneers who have streets named after them in honor of their memory and for their contributions to the establishment of our beautiful Township are also buried in the Ada Cemetery. Plots/spaces are available for $300. To view the Ada Cemetery Regis plot map, Click here

Findlay Cemetery

Findlay Cemetery is located on the north side of 2 Mile Road at the intersection of Cramton Ave., in the northern section of Ada Township. (Map) Findlay is a beautiful country cemetery dating back to the 18th century, with an association that was established over 100 years ago and still meets today! Findlay Cemetery has historic gravesites dating back to the 1700s. Plots/spaces are available for $300. To view the Findlay Cemetery Regis plot map, click here.

Findlay Cemetery Gates open every Wednesday from 8am until 5pm, May through November.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Requirements governing the location and dimension of markers and monuments are cited in the Cemetery Rules and Regulations. Private monument companies will assist you in the selection of a marker or monument.