FOIA Requests

Freedom of Information Requests

The Freedom of Information Act is a Michigan statute which gives the public the right to documents regarding the affairs of government, public officials, and public employees. Under the Act, a person has the right to inspect, copy or recieve copies of "public records" of a "public body."

Requests for public records that are governed by FOIA must be made by written request to the FOIA Coordinator, Township Manager Julius Suchy. Please fill out and mail the FOIA Form to Ada Township, P.O. Box 370, Ada, MI 49301, or drop it off at Ada Township offices located at 7330 Thornapple River Drive Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Please note that a deposit of half the estimated cost of the project may be required before the work is begun.

For complete information regarding FOIA requests, please contact Township Manager Julius Suchy via email,, or by calling 616-676-9191, extension 48.


There are duplication charges associated with the requests:

  • Letter size, black and white: $0.08
  • Legal size, black and white: $0.09
  • 11x17, black and white: $0.10
  • Letter Size, color: $0.16
  • Legal Size, color: $0.17
  • 11x17, color: $0.18
  • Fax Costs: $1.00
  • Computer labels-per label: $0.01
  • Computer disks: $0.89
  • Mailing costs: Actual Cost
  • Labor costs: Hourly wage of the lowest paid employee capable of retrieving the information