Supervisor's Office

The position of Supervisor in Ada Township is an elected position. The Supervisor's Office is responsible for overseeing all other departments of the township, except the Clerk's Office and Treasurer's Office. Personnel administration issues are a primary function. The Supervisor is responsible for carrying out the tasks directed to him by the Township Board.


The Ada Township Supervisor is a voting member of the seven person Township Board. This includes policy making, general township business decisions and zoning related issues.

Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a Michigan statute which gives the public the right to documents regarding the affairs of government, public officials, and public employees. Under the Act, a person has the right to inspect, copy or receive copies of "public records" of a "public body."

Requests for public records that are governed by FOIA must be made by written request to Township Manager and FOIA Coordinator, Julius Suchy. There are charges associated with requests for information. For a listing of current charges, please click here.

To download a copy of the FOIA Request Form, please click here. Contact Township Manager Julius Suchy with any questions via email or by calling (616) 676-9191, ext. 48.