Parks and Preserves

Ada Park Lagoon With Sign Roselle Park Silos And Bike Path

Ada Township hosts over 1,000 acres of public land available for recreational pursuits. Ada Township operates three community parks: Ada Township Park, Leonard Park, and Roselle Park as well as several open space preserves. There are also several Kent County Parks and State Game Area lands available for public use and school facilities with playgrounds.

Ada Parks

Ada Township Park offers paved paths (barrier free), a nature trail, playground, picnic pavilions, soccer fields, tennis courts, pickle ball courts, softball/baseball fields, restroom facilities (closed for the winter), a fishing pond, the Locke Arboretum, ample parking (2 entrances: Buttrick and Grand River), and the Ada Township Parks & Recreation office.

Leonard Park serves as the heart of Ada and features a grassy baseball/softball field during the warmer months. Leonard Park is located along the Thornapple River, and features the historic Ada Bridge—a pedestrian bridge that walkers and bikers alike enjoy.

Roselle Park offers both paved and natural trails, providing access to the floodplain areas along the Grand River. The park features an observation deck for bird-watching, a canoe stop along the Grand River, exterior rock climbing wall and playground, picnic area, rain gardens, bird nesting boxes, and a converted silo observation tower with panoramic views of the entire park.

Legacy Park- In Memory of Helen and Rich Devos is located along in Ada Village along the banks of the Thornapple River.

Ada Preserves

Grand River Natural Area is a paved trail connection from Ada Township Park to the entry of the Ada Moorings housing development that was completed in 2002 adjacent to Grand River Drive. It includes a paved trail from one of the streets in Ada Moorings to the natural area. The paved trail is located along the Grand River and connects to the Forest Hills Public Schools crew facility in Cascade Township. Other trails in the natural area are limited to a mowed grass surface. Directional signs to get visitors from the parking area to the trail head have been installed. Interpretive signs along the paved trail that will educate the public on habitats, cultural history and the flora and fauna of the preserve are planned.

Carl Creek Crossing Preserve offers 8 acres of gravel trails exploring the banks of Carl Creek. Benches and a council circle create a perfect spot for a lunch break or morning meditation. A small parking lot is located off Grand River Road and the park extends to Fulton Street.

Carl Creek Wetlands Preserve has 34 acres of woods and wetlands along Carl Creek. Access trails into this natural area are scheduled for 2018.

Parks and trails near Ada Township

The community's outstanding natural features have resulted in a number of regional recreational facilities being located in the area, including several large Kent County Parks and extensive State Game Area lands.