Taxes & Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

When are taxes mailed?

Summer: July 1 and Winter: December 1.

When are taxes due?

Summer: September 14 and Winter: February 14. If either of these dates falls on a weekend the due date is extended until the next business day.

How are tax rates computed?

Millage rates are voted millages from Ada Township GRCC, KDL, Kent County, State Ed, KISD; Kent County Jail/Senior Citizens, and Public Schools. (Ada Township collects for Forest Hills Public, Lowell Public and Northview Public).

How can I get an automatic bill pay?

You can download a Utility Auto Pay Form and a Tax Auto Pay Form, or you can stop by the Township Treasurer’s Office to pick up the forms. Once filled out, you will need to attach a "voided" check to the completed form(s) for verification of your bank routing number, and drop off or mail the form(s) to the Treasurer’s Office.

Can I make partial payments?

Yes we take partial payments, after tax bills are sent out. However, if not fully paid by September 14 or February 14, a penalty is placed on the remaining portion of taxes.

Can I request a copy of my tax bill?

Yes, you can send your request to or or contact the treasurer's department during regular business hours. Note: We do not charge for duplicates.

I understand leaf collection bags are available from your office. What is the cost?

Specially marked bags can be purchased for $.75 each. These are the ONLY bags that will be picked up. The cost of the bags includes pick-up service.

How do I obtain a sewer and water permit?

Contact the Utilities Department.

Where can I locate a comprehensive list of all Ada Township Fees?

Township Fees (Ada Township Charges and Fees for services including but not limited to meeting room rental, special meeting requests, Park & Recreation reservations, cemetery, Planning, Zoning, etc.)

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, the Treasurer’s office is pleased to announce that we now can accept credit cards at the counter. Credit cards can be used for any type of payment you need to make to Ada Township. This includes: Utility payments, Tax payments, Park reservations/programs, and any other fees you need to pay. Please be advised there are FEES associated with the payments that the cardholder is responsible for.