Spongy (Gypsy) Moth

Update as of May 24, 2022

All spraying for 2022 has been completed. The Township will complete an egg mass survey later in the year to determine spraying needs for the spring of 2023. Once completed the Township would communicate with impacted property owners about the process and timeline.

Update as of May 23, 2022

Hamilton Helicopter will begin spraying in Ada Township this morning, weather permitting.

Update as of May 19, 2022

Hamilton Helicopter is planning to start aerial spraying in the West Michigan area beginning Monday, May 23, weather permitting. There will be 2-3 helicopters spraying various areas in West Michigan during that time, so it will be difficult to say exactly which blocks will be sprayed at a given time. The applicators usually start around 7am, and we will stop for the day when/if the weather conditions become unsatisfactory (high wind, possible rain, low humidity). I will email again Monday morning letting you know we do plan to spray, and I'll email again once the spray is complete.

Update as of April 19, 2022

Hamilton Helicopter has provided an updated date of potential spraying, based on current forecasts it is anticipated it will be later May or at latest the 5th of June.

Click here
for a letter dated April 15, 2022 sent to residents whose property will be sprayed based on the recommended spray program. This letter provides details related to cost, when the spraying will take place and will the Township need to spray in subsequent years.

Since the letter went out, there has been a minor update to the map and the total # of acres to be sprayed. This mainly impacts Seidman Park. An updated map can be found here - Updated Spray Map

Click here for a full listing of all the parcels to be sprayed by address.

Why are we spraying?

At the January 10th Township Board Meeting, Neal Swanson of Aquatic Consulting Services provided a report on spongy (gypsy) moths following physical surveys completed by Aquatic Consulting Services this winter. The full report including maps is available by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.

In summary the report confirmed that the areas of concern referenced by residents and Township officials are infested with spongy (gypsy) moths. Mr. Swanson believes that Ada was able to catch the populations on the rise and using the survey data, will be able to create a spray and monitor protocol that will limit further population growth and damage throughout the Township.

The total acreage recommended for spraying is 2,967 acres. The spray area as outlined in the report is only the areas with significant, potentially damaging population densities. There are areas with less severe infestations that were not recommended for spraying, but should be monitored moving forward.

The Township board voted to move forward with a spray program in 2022 and has entered into an agreement with Hamilton Helicopter to spray in late May or early June of 2022 - weather dependent. The Township has mailed out letters to all property owners whose property is located in the areas to be sprayed.

Based on the quote from Hamilton Helicopter, it is estimated the cost for the upcoming year will be approximately $200,000. The Township Board has included funding for this program in the adopted FY 2022-2023 budget. Future years of the spray program will be covered by a special assessment to impacted residents, although this will be discussed next year prior to a special assessment being finalized. Any resident who would be subject to the special assessment would be notified well in advance of this action taking place.

Any questions regarding the report or process summarized above can be sent to Julius Suchy, Township Manager via e-mail, or via phone 616-676-9191 ext. 48. I understand that residents will have a number of questions and I recommend you read the full report with maps on our website before reaching out with questions.

The documents linked below are:

  1. Click Here - Letter from Aquatic Consulting Services Regarding our Report
  2. Click Here - Survey Completed by Aquatic Consulting Services
  3. Click Here - Original Map of the Areas Aquatic Consulting Services is Recommending to Spray

General Information

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