Capital Improvements FY22-23

Ada Railroad DDA + LRCFA Partnership Project

The Ada Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has engaged with Lions & Rabbits Center for the Arts (LRCFA) to begin planning for its first Public Art Initiative. As a part of its capital improvements, the DDA has budgeted $53,500 over the next two fiscal years for the installation of artist murals on the two train bridges that run over Thornapple River Dr. and Ada Dr. within the Development District. Over the past few months, staff has been working through the R&D phase of the project with LRCFA. At its meeting on September 12, the DDA Board approved moving forward with the next phase of the Public Art Initiative and authorized the DDA Director, in conjunction with the DDA Chair, to form a design committee that will oversee the approval of the artist RFP and initial vetting of artist proposals for this project.

In collaboration with the Ada Council for the Arts and LRCFA, we'll be identifying two additional Ada community members who would be an asset to the design committee for this public art initiative. We expect to reach a total of 12 members. If you are interested, please indicate your interest in serving on the design committee for the Ada Railroad DDA + LRCFA partnership project.