Parks, Recreation and Land Preservation Advisory Board

The Advisory Board was established in 2016, by combining the former Open Space Preservation Advisory Board and the Township Parks Committee. This streamlined administrative structure was put in place in context with the August 2016 approval by voters of a combined tax levy of .65 mills, for financing of parks, recreation and land preservation programs in the Township, which replaced separate levies totaling the same amount.

The Advisory Board oversees the development, operation and maintenance of the Township's parks, open space preserves and recreation programs.

Advisory Board Members:

Betty Jo Crosby

Dan Hurwitz

Ross Leisman, Township Supervisor

Wayman Britt, Vice-Chair

Judy Levick

Joshua Hulst

Elise Roe

Kraig Schmottlach

Rick Steketee

Mike Terwilliger, Chair

Jeff VandenBerge

Ada Township: Space Worth Preserving

Learn about the importance and benefits of preserving high quality open space in Ada Township, and the tools that land owners can use to do so, in this brief video (click here).