Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning Services

Ada Township's Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for providing the following services:

  • Administration and enforcement of the Township's land use and development regulations (Zoning Ordinance).
  • Staff support to the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals.
  • Completion of long-range planning studies and programs for the Township, such as the Township Master Plan, Open Space Preservation Plan, Non-Motorized Trail Plan, Parks and Recreation Plan, and other planning studies as directed by the Planning Commission and Township Board.
  • Enforcement of other Township regulatory ordinances, such as those relating to storage of inoperable vehicles and requirements for clearing of snow from public sidewalks.
  • Provide information to Township residents, businesses and the general public regarding regulations affecting the use and development of land in the Township.
  • Manages outside departmental building contractor, Cascade Township's Building Inspections Department which implements the issuance of permits and conducts inspections. The department reviews all plans, issues permits and inspects and maintains records on all Ada Township construction projects. Inspectors are registered by the State of Michigan in one or more of the building trades as well as plan review.

The Planning and Zoning Department seeks to maintain the high quality living environment that residents of the Township enjoy and value, and ensure that the Township continues to have a mix of successful retail, service and manufacturing businesses that provide goods and services for residents, a source of local employment and a strong and diversified tax base.

Ada Township Planning Commission

  • Angela Butterfield, Vice Chair
  • Rob VanderVennen, Secretary
  • Susan Burton
  • James Moyer
  • Catherine Jacobs, Board Representative
  • Tom Korth, Chair
  • Steve Kluting

Ada Township Zoning Board of Appeals

  • Jason McNamara, Chair
  • Susan Burton, Vice Chair & Planning Commission Representative
  • Jacqueline Smith, Board Representative
  • Harvey Nuttall
  • Bruce Courtade