Remote Board and Commission Meetings

In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, limit person-to-person contact, and protect the public health, Ada Township Board and Commission meetings are temporarily being held remotely using video-and tele-conferencing means. The remote meetings are being held in a manner that affords the general public opportunity to participate in the meetings through two-way communication, so that general public participants can hear the proceedings of the Board or Commission, and members of the Board or Commission can hear public comment. Persons with disabilities may also participate in the meeting, by viewing closed captioning of the meeting proceedings using the video-conferencing service.

How to Connect to the Virtual Meeting

Instructions for participating in these virtual meetings by internet-based video-conferencing or telephone call-in number are provided at the top of the agenda for each of the virtual meetings identified in the list below. Click on the meeting titles below to view or download the meeting agenda and meeting packet.

Instructions for Making Public Comment:

Persons who wish to make public comment during a remote Board or Commission meeting should use the “Chat” feature of the online video-conference screen to identify themselves by name and submit their comment to be verbally read by the Chairperson of the meeting, or identity themselves by name and state that you wish to make verbal comment, in which case the Chairperson will invite your verbal comment, which will be heard by all meeting participants. For those participating in the meeting by telephone dial-in, you may request to make public comment by stating your name when the Chairperson invites public comment, and the Chairperson will recognize you to speak.

Upcoming Meetings

Planning Commission, September 17, 2020

Township Board, August 24, 2020

Parks, Recreation, Land Preservation Advisory Board, September 10

Zoning Board of Appeals - September 1, 2020